63 SUNRISES WITHOUT A SUN was a collaborative installation inspired by the subterranean isolation experiments of Michel Siffre. 50 years ago, Siffre ventured 375 feet down into a subterranean cave beneath a glacier. He saw 63 sunrises without a sun. He was cold and wet. He read Plato. The days had no markers—no morning or night—only darkness. His body kept time, but his mind lost a month. Two minutes, for him, became five.

Three artists—  Sara Kerr, Sam Genovese and Rachelle Reichert—used the gallery space at Ramon’s Tailor to explore what it would be like to be underground. The artists blacked out the gallery space and created an installation using the materials of a cave: salt deposits, bodies of water, rocks and shafts of light dancing on the cave walls. The gallery was filled with the sounds of counting echoed and delayed.


The closing night of the installation featured musical performances in the dark by: Foreign Fire, Curt Brown, KYN and Tom Weeks